Our Learning and Curriculum…

Learning at Pine Ridge and Lorraine Schools is exciting and imaginative, stimulating and challenging. We believe that young children learn best when they are motivated by what they are learning and are actively involved. Children are encouraged to question and discover, care and understand, imagine and believe.

We are judged to be a “good” school, where teaching enables the curriculum to come alive. This is further enhanced through visits, visitors and workshops.  We believe every child has the right to a rich and varied curriculum, which challenges, inspires and promotes very high standards of achievement for all.

Curriculum themes form the basis for our learning through various topics. Natural links are formed within these topics between subject areas, bringing a cohesive approach which is relevant and makes sense to young children. Our curriculum is enhanced by the use of visits and visitors. Children make sense of their learning through practical experiences during visits outside of school and workshops within school.

Parents are fully involved in their children's learning, through newsletters, weekly home/school link books, open afternoons and being encouraged to share in the school day.

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